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Lauren Ambrose (born February 20, 1978) is an American actress and singer.

She is known for her television roles as Claire Fisher in Six Feet Under (2001–2005), for which she won two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and as Jilly Kitzinger in Torchwood: Miracle Day (2011).

In the mean time Samus Aran has begun noticing a certain Hylian but soon someone else has not only noticed him but her as well & this person likes what they see. After another attack by Dr Eggman, Sonic seems to be the only the one to notice how the world is changing, repeatedly. - Mileena & Original Character - Constructive criticism is welcome Megan is just a normal 15-year-old girl with an anime obsession, Sonic X in particular. After the battle with Solaris, Sonic and Elise have sealed the Flames of Disaster away. Until one day, they start to remember something about each other. When a power outage causes Tails to accidentally swallow Steroid pills, he gets muscular overnight.

Poor old Link has no idea what's going on as Zelda acts like an overprotective sibling. 18 year old, Zelda Harkinian, was born with a heart defect that limits her to do what she wants. Convinced that reality has been altered, Sonic sets out on a mission to save the world, stopping at nothing to reset the way things should be. One night, after watching the final episode, she somehow gets sucked into Sonic's world!

pagan is most frequently used of the ancient Greeks and Romans who worshiped many deities: a pagan civilization.

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Cursed by a flame arrow when he dares to rise against him, Sonic will need the help not only of the genie Shahra, but also of his oldest friends to survive this adventure... Six months since the last tournament, something new happens gathering all the fighters for a surprise. What happens when Mileena gets close to someone she's not supposed to? Amy notices that a new amusement park called Twinkle Park opens & couples get in free!

Premiering this Thursday, MTV’s new show 'Scrubbing In' follows nine nurses as they leave their homes to work in an Orange County hospital in California.

The cast consists of three boys and six girls who left behind their normal lives to be part of the show for three months.

One night, after watching the final episode, she somehow gets sucked into Sonic's world!

When she was out walking and has an episode, she is tended to by, 20 year old, Samus Aran, a woman who secludes herself from the rest of the neighborhood.


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