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Chat rooms created and sponsored by Yahoo itself remain open, Osako said.

The number of user-created chat rooms is variable at any given time and Yahoo does not track that figure, she said.

Anybody can discuss anything under the sun as long as it's not a gossip,and if possible keep the discussion wholesome.

;)Have you ever fone through heartbreak, infatuation, highs and lows in love and relationships and believe your the only one experienceing certain triumphs and failures in love?

It hurt and it hurt sense i was so tight when we were doing it to.

About two weeks ago i went to pop my back and then i got a sharp pain there and started bleeding for about two hours i know it wasnt my period because it wasnt time for it and below my belly button has been hurting. Okay, for about a month my sides been hurting on my left side.- Then look at main chat window, the side panel will show up in your main chat window at the right side before the room list.The AV windows in the side panel is belong to the other members and your av streaming windows is in under the main chat window at the typing mother is takeing me to the doctor in a few days about all this but she doesnt know i had sex.i jus want an idea about what the doctor may tell me.So please make sure that you are aware of what ever you are showing on your cam became a public and people can see or hear you. on the top of the screen and when your profile window is open then pick one of any avatar/icon you like.


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