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The ship had a forward, ovoid hatch that split into several pocketed sections; the surrounding hull formed a pronounced ventral "sill" with two projecting spines.This ship was capable of traveling at speeds of up to at least warp 6, yet emitted no warp signature that Enterprise could detect.Both are two different people: Adalind fits pefectly as a good mother, while Eve is not Juliette anymore and she's a completly strange to him. I've always though about Nick and Adalind as Buffy and Spike, you know. Black Claw wants to destroy everything related to Grimm. Nick, Hank and Wu are called at the crime scene where they find Monroe's uncle dead. With the help of a fouth key, things start to get interesting: the terrain of the map leads to a place in Germany.

Too bad Felix tells Nick he wants 100 thousand dollars for the full set of books (20! Thank God Trubel has an idea: Hadrian's Wall may know what they're looking for. Monroe and Nick have this funny little chat out of the house about Adalind and Eve, and how the Grimm feels about them. Anyway, Eve is creepy, I hope some of you will agree with me lol while Adalind is too good to be real so far. The Wesen of the Week basically involves those Grimm's books that Felix wants. Putting togethere the keyps, the Scooby gang finds out they're pieces of the same map.

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