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During the interview, they shared the secret to their long relationship–trust, support, tolerance, and commitment.Their work has not gotten in the way of their relationship as they are a true team.

excellent.i give it a thumbs up.i enjoy every bit of this telenova and wish it could even be longer.i give a thumbs up for Lesandro who is so real in his acting, Scarlet ,for acting like one able to bear real temptations and suffering.thumbs up for Barbara too,she is so beautiful.i must say i luv this telenova and would love to see scarlet married to Carlos ,her heart's desire after all she has gone through,though Lesandro's love for her is real.

Venezuelan telenovela actress who played the protagonist in Dulce Amargo from 2012-2013, and starred in Lo Que La Vida Me RobĂł in 2013.

She began her acting career on the Venezuelan children's program, Nubeluz.

Overall the show had humor in it as well and it featured some comical moments and even the villains didn't always take themselves so seriously and in this case it worked.

So overall I would say it is pretty good though not great and I would give it a "B" if I were grading it and at least it could keep you entertained for an hour.


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