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At the time of writing (July 2014) the Dubai’s duty free rules can be found in the Passenger Customs Guide (3rd Edition 2014) published by Dubai Customs.

This guide is available for download from the publications section of the official Dubai Customs website. Outdated information is fairly typical of official Dubai websites.

The pair had met on Facebook and became acquainted with one another for three years before she flew to stay with him for a week in Dubai in 2016, when they had consensual sex.

Having sex outside of marriage is strictly prohibited in the UAE, and those who take part in extramarital relationships face prison sentences and deportation.

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None of what is written here should be taken as any sort of advice.

It is only intended to be an observation of what happens in the UAE based on our experiences of living in the country.

Nor do the police spend their time walking around shopping malls and bars looking for illegal hand-holding or kissing (at any rock concert in Dubai you can see the police calmly observe beer-drinking, hand-holding and kissing expats without usually taking any action).

A British woman and Pakistani man have been sentenced to one-year in prison for having an affair while on a trip to Dubai.


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