Countess luann dating a jew

Bethenny Accuses Jules of Going on the Show to Get Divorced That's a new one. Respect that." Bethenny did as she was told and dropped it …Bethenny Calls Jules Out for Her Jokes About Being Jewish…

After watching a reel of "highlights" from her marriage to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Michael, Jules got misty-eyed. but that hardly meant Bethenny was done with Jules.

We return to Dorinda's Berkshires home to catch the tail end of the nth iteration of Bethenny and Lu Ann's Skinnygirl dispute.

Finding no new routes on that particular journey, Lu Ann drops it (for now) and asks about the rumor that Bethenny is dating...someone.

) on the OGs, got engaged to D' Agostino just weeks ago (after her public split from her ex-husband Alexandre de Lesseps in 2009).

The former model and mom of two was clearly thrilled to flaunt her new ring, and, with a bauble like that, who wouldn't be?!

She keeps saying, "Bring it on, girlfriend," like she's in a teacher-written school play about bullying, and then she tries to trademark "BL" (Before Lu). A little later, Bethenny is talking at Jules about her new short haircut and how Lu Ann is obsessed with comparing it to her own, when Lu Ann and Ramona walk back through the dining room.

The list include items such as bragging about hiring a woman to potty train her child for a ,000 fee, and asking her nanny if she would wait in line at a sample sale.

Lu Ann claims Ramona only went on one date with Tom, but when she turns to Ms.

Singer to confirm, Ramona sheepishly smiles and says they went on seven dates. And I don't care because it was before I met him." It is not a good start to the episode for Lu Ann.

The square-cut center stone is flanked by two smaller white diamonds sitting on a silver band, resulting in a unique yet classic look.

In an Instagram snap Lu Ann posted after the exciting news broke, you can catch a glimpse of the bridal bauble that's Bethenny Frankel While the Skinnygirl mogul wears this ring no longer, we just had to include her impressive engagement bauble in our lineup.


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